„If one does not know to which port one is sailing, no wind is favorable.”


Kerubi Consulting was established in 2005 together with its Kerubi Film division. Our name is simply a name of imagination; a result of an innovative idea; it was born on a train travel from Paris to Strasbourg.

The mission of the Consulting division of the company is to support clients to change and grow both professionally and culturally and provide services with joy.

Kerubi’s work is characterized by professionalism, engagement, drive, and energy.

All of Kerubi’s HR consulting assignments, coaching work, strategy- and change management projects have been driven by close and trustful cooperation. Kerubi unites forces to solve tough problems and challenges. Kerubi has been working with most of its clients for several years.

Reka Gobel is the founder and the main driver of Kerubi Consulting.

A personal reflection

“Everyone wears several types of hats in his life, and if it is needed in a situation we are changing these hats. These hats are our different roles. I have to admit I enjoy wearing all of my hats, playing or fulfilling all of my roles, and I find especially rewarding when I can transfer a lesson, a tip from one of my hats to the other and through this I contribute to someone’s success.

The roles I play are all part of me and fulfill my whole life: I am an economist, HR professional, operational manager, entrepreneur, trainer, mother, wife and volunteer. When my clients share their success following the consulting or HR cooperation, it confirms that all of my experiences, roles, and energies enable companies, leaders, and teams to grow successfully.

My specialty is to find solutions for today’s leaders and organizations to become successful in a continuously changing environment, characterized by interdependence and complexity. My favorite topics are understanding the motivation of Gen Y and Z, and how change can be integrated to the individual and or organizational culture.” Réka Gobel