“The role of an orchestra in the 21st century isn't just playing, it's about developing future audiences and performers.”  Leonard Slatkin


Raise self awareness as a leader
Leadership development
The Leadership Development Program is designed to ensure organizational success through sustained development of current and future leaders. We always work together with the client in the focus area identification which is in line with its business strategy and success factors, where we offer a holistic management journey. Therefore the program goes beyond a series of training: it offers practice, unique experiences, time for reflection, market and industry findings, networking opportunities with other leaders. We also use storytelling to build capability when leading and managing people.  While these programs are highly tailored to the individual client’s need.  Please do not hesitate to ask for more details on Leadership offerings.
Middle level management development
Middle management is your most critical population in managing the day to day operations, allocating resources, do planning, and prioritizing and drive the performance in the teams. Answering this strong need, we propose a curriculum that could support the delivery of your learning and development strategy. In our experience programs work best if tied to real on-the-job projects that have a business impact and improve learning.
Leverage your full potential – junior leaders
Leverage your full potential – junior leaders

We have experienced that one of the biggest challenges and paradoxes certain industries have is the very young and inexperienced leadership population.

Therefore, the motivation and development of junior leaders can be truly a differentiator in any HR and business strategy. Kerubi is offering courses and blended learning platforms that meet both the business characteristics and the generation Y characteristics aiming continuous improvement in the leadership ability.
Coaching skills for leaders / managers
This is not a coaching training, participants will not become a professional coach but they will be able to use the skills in managing their teams and individuals more effectiveley.

We help in the followings:
Leading and managing change
This is not a change mangement methodology workshop, but we help in the followings:
Influencing and motivating
We help in the followings:
Managing projects
Boosting performance in teams
Aligning your top leadership team
Have you ever experienced that members of your top management team had their own agendas, their own priorities and working together became a juggling experience of balancing different interests? Our experience shows that improving the top team alignment can be as critical as developing your next year’s budget.
Facilitating management work / team work / problem resultion
Every organization or team faces times when an external view or support successfully pushes the team towards resolution. In these times, inviting an external facilitator could help the organization or team. The facilitator could provide a framework or methodology of working together and could also manage processes as an independent player.  Furthermore, the facilitator puts away the burden of controlling the team or the meeting and allows every participant to be an equal and active member in the team.
Foundation of teamwork and collaboration
Developing high performing teams
We seek solutions for the following needs:
Managing conflict in teams
Teambuilding activities